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There's her and Joe; her and Karl; Karl and Joe; and her, Karl and Joe."We hang out at home together, sometimes we'll go out for dinner.They were living the suburban dream, so what was her problem?"When I started reading about polyamory I wondered if it might be the solution, so I brought it up with my husband.Aucklander Bee River set up a closed Facebook page for Kiwi polyamorists three years ago that has 500 members and 250 people on the waiting list.She knows of another "secret" Facebook page for those who don't want to risk being identified."It's about cultivating meaningful connection, rather than being primarily sexual," she says of the lifestyle she discovered with relief four years ago after struggling to make monogamy work for her.

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She lives with her husband *Joe, their two children and her partner *Karl on Auckland's North Shore.Famous polyamorists include billionaire Warren Buffett, writer Neil Gaiman and singer Amanda Palmer, and the late William Moulton Marston, who created Wonder Woman as an amalgam of his two loves.A cornerstone of polyamorous relationships, unsurprisingly, is communication.' "BEHIND THE WHITE PICKET FENCEAbout 18 months ago Wellingtonian *Kim, 31, had a crisis.

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She loved her husband of eight years, she didn't want to leave him, but she was no longer fulfilled in their marriage. She also felt guilty: they had two delightful children, a dog, and a house with an actual white picket fence.It wasn't something we jumped into, we talked about it for six months."Nervously, they attended their first poly meet-up and were "blown away" when they were faced with a room full of perfectly ordinary people.