Dating an occasional pot smoker Single jungs handynummer

31-Oct-2017 09:52

I thought when I moved to be with him we would get our own house, get married and live happily ever after.

8 months later he still lives with his mother and doesn't seem to have any intentions on leaving.

He has promised that he is going to get us a house and we are going to get married but It just always seem like something is always coming up.

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I never took him up on that offer though because to me it was just a slap in the face--you know I don't like you smoking ANY time, so don't make it seem like you're doing me a favor by leaving an open-ended offer that you probably wouldn't follow through with anyway. Anyway, I am just now realizing that a big part of why it bothered me so much was that he was choosing it over me.

Although we are now separated, life up until that point consisted of him smoking as soon as he woke up, as soon as he got home, and for the remainder of the night.