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Maybe he’ll surprise you.”The screen cuts to black and returns to the main menu.

I love that you are loyal to me, but know that your mother and I have talked about this and it’s okay with me if it’s okay with her. I know he’ll never be as amazing as I am,” he smiles, “but give him a chance.

I could imagine the book lying on the pillow beside her as she slept.

I remember the moment that I first thought she wasn’t that bad. Hell, for all I knew she slept with the books he assigned.

It looks as it does today, other than the TV where his head would be. He still has a little color and for all intents and purposes, he seems healthy.

Let’s just hope it wasn’t the very next day,” he chuckles again and looks up above the camera.

It’s important to know that people need each other. There are things that a husband, a boyfriend or even just a friend can provide for her that you can’t.“I know you’re wondering why she needs him.

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Who knows where you would be if you had my brains,” he laughs. He doesn’t seem as small and his mustache is there, only grayer than the picture in the hall.“I’m trying to remember when I was in sixth grade. My birthday was late so I started a year later than everyone. I hated her,” he looks out the window, thinking about what to say.“She always knew the answer. Wellington’s one of the teachers who won’t call on another student until you give him an answer. “The teacher made it an unspoken rule to only call on her three times per class. He asked me something about Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn, I don’t remember, the important thing was it was some Mark Twain book that I hadn’t read.“Your mother of course had read it, probably for the eighth time. I was the oldest student in our class at graduation. She was always,‘Teacher, ooh, ooh, here,’’ he uses a mocking tone. I break the seal and slide him out of the plastic covering.

The DVD player reads, “Insert Disc.” I lay him down gently in the tray and with a little nudge, he glides into the player. I would just pretend like I couldn’t do it because it hurt my leg and your grandmother would make Sam do it,” he laughs. You don’t know what it’s like to have brothers and sisters.