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Each crossword is drawn from a pool of freelance submissions—roughly 75 to 100 per week—with the accepted puzzles edited and often heavily revised by Shortz.Accepted puzzles are arranged in ascending difficulty throughout the week, with the Saturday puzzle the most daunting and the Sunday edition the largest.From the start I wanted to appeal to beginning solvers as well as veterans.” He also usually steers clear of the saltier aspects and fourth-wall-breaking clues of other indies.“My philosophy is, you’re going to have to include some crap every now and then.You can also buy individual puzzles for one dollar each.‘s editor and publisher, describes his subscribers as “the top solvers in the nation” and pushes more challenging themes and clues as a result.

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A notable feature of the puzzles is Tausig’s humor; a recent clue read, “Slender spear of the Bantu-speaking people: Var. Just fill it in and we’ll pretend like this never happened.)” But he’s also willing to publish adult-themed clues you’d never find in a newspaper (“Only when it’s funny or fresh,” he says.

I’ve had mixed success solving his puzzles–the Harder classification is usually a real struggle–but I’ve always enjoyed them.