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227198, Implicit Contracts: a Survey 227213, The Competitive Externalities and the Optimal Seignorage 227215, The Demand for Lottery Products 227222, The Linkage between Speculative Attack and Target Zone Models of Exchange Rates 227261, Interindustry Wage Differences and Industry Characteristics 227262, Government Spending, Interest Rates, Prices, and Budget Deficits in the United Kingdom, 1701-1918 227275, Consumption Risk and International Asset Returns: Some Empirical Evidence 227290, Investment, Finacial Factors and Cash Flow: Evidence from UK Panel Data 227292, Ail Theory and the Ailing Phillips Curve: a Contract Based Approach to Aggregate Supply 227294, An Equilibrium Theory of Excess Volatility and Mean Reversion in Stock Market Prices 227295, Economic Growth in a Cross Section of Countries 227341, The Self-Enforcing Provisions of Oil and Gas Unit Operating Agreements: Theory and Evidence 227343, Capital Goods Prices, Global Capital Markets and Accumulation: 1870-1950 227344, The Retirement Behavior of Married Couples: Evidence from the Spouse's Allowance 227393, Privatization, Information and Incentives 227444, Targeting the Exchange Rate: An Empirical Investigation 227471, Quality Ladders in the Theory of Growth 227485, The Adjustment Process and the Timing of Trade Liberalization 227489, The Economics of Content Protection 227494, Pay Differences between Women's and Men's Jobs: the Empirical Foundations of Comparable Worth Legislation 227495, Comparable Worth in the Public Sector 227514, Lessons on Monetary Policy from the 1980's 227517, Is There a Regional Bias in Federal Tax Subsidy Rates for Giving?227522, Three Papers on Brazilian Trade and Payments 227525, Taxation, Portfolio Choice, and Debt-Equity Ratios: A General Equilibrium Model 227528, Inflation, Income Taxes, and Owner-Occupied Housing 227535, National Savings, Economic Welfare, and the Structure of Taxation 227571, The Choice of Structural Model in Trade-Wages Decompositions 227572, Order Flow and Exchange Rate Dynamics 227599, Tax Base Variability and Procyclical Fiscal Policy 227969, The Role of Macroeconomic Factors in Growth 227978, Measuring the Cyclicality of Real Wages: How Important is Composition Bias 227979, Turnover and the Dynamics of Labor Demand 227989, Information, Finance, and Markets: The Architecture of Allocative Mechanisms 227990, Distributive Politics and Economic Growth 228014, Financing Constraints and Corporate Investment 228023, Unobservables, Pregnancy Resolutions, and Birthweight Production Functions in New York City 228024, Are Estimated Tax Elasticities Really Just Tax Evasion Elasticities?Theory and Evidence 217832, Youth Smoking in the U.

226457, The Effect of Welfare Payments on the Marriage and Fertility Behavior of Unwed Mothers: Results from a Twins Experiment 226458, Balladurette and Juppette: A Discrete Analysis of Scrapping Subsidies 226535, Historical Macroeconomics and American Macroeconomic History 226536, Eliciting Student Expectations of the Returns to Schooling 226537, Using Expectations Data to Study Subjective Income Expectations 226538, Monetary Policy and the Term Structure of Interest Rates 226541, Disability Insurance Rejection Rates and the Labor Supply of Older Workers 226542, Can Having Fewer Partners Increase Prevalence of Aids?

an Examination of the Gold Standard Constraint 166998, The Nominal Rigidity of Apartment Rents 167132, Common Fundamentals in the Tequila and Asian Crises 167133, Mortality, Education, Income, and Inequality Among American Cohorts 167134, Inequalities in Income and Inequalities in Health 171607, Alcohol Regulation and Violence on College Campuses 171609, Evaluating the Effect of an Antidiscrimination Law Using a Regression-Discontinuity Design 171610, Tax and Education Policy in a Heterogeneous Agent Economy: What Levels of Redistribution Maximize Growth and Efficiency?

171614, Offshore Investment Funds: Monsters in Emerging Markets?

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1318, Optimal Money Burning: Theory and Application to Corporate Dividend Policy 3019, Cross-State Variation in Medicaid Programs and Female Labor Supply 3029, Multinational Production, Skilled Labor and Real Wages 3030, Compensation Structure and Product Market Competition 3121, Bounded Rationality and Strategic Complementarity in a Macroeconomic Model: Policy Effects, Persistence and Multipliers 3389, Elephants 3394, "Globalization and Inequality Past and Present" 3415, Money and Exchange Rates in the Grossman-Weiss-Rotemberg Model 4059, Getting Pegged: Comparing the 18 Gold Resumptions 4076, Measuring Science: An Exploration 4108, Reputation Spillover Across Relationships with Enduring and Transient Beliefs: Reviving Reputation Models of Debt 4260, Forecasting Exchange Rates and Relative Prices with the Hamburger Standard: Is What You Want What You Get with Mcparity?

149693, Early Test Scores, Socioeconomic Status and Future Outcomes 150068, Labor-Market Competition and Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy 150070, Violence and the U. Prohibition of Drugs and Alcohol 150071, Changes in Business Cycles: Evidence and Explanations 150072, Do Subsidies to Commercial R&D Reduce Market Failures?