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And I think that's the difference because as you see each of these industries go with these disclosures whether it's Hollywood or some other industry, now you're seeing the government.

And now the government who enforces and makes laws, if they won't lead on this, then I got to tell you, where in the space of the hypocrisy bucket, if you well.

Victims who wants to continue must start 30 days of mediation.

So, they force you into mediation, then finally, the Office of Compliance Administration does a hearing, or you can file a federal lawsuit and it's all confidential.

Remember, elected officials on the Hill are products, if you will, and the other thing that you didn't show was the lack of disclosure unless they go to court.

So, this is all very confidential and it's all about taking care of each other. If you've been traumatized, do you really want your employer mandating that you must go to counseling before you can go to mediation?

And quite frankly, if there is transparency, I think you'll see less bad behavior.

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Either this happened, or it didn't happen, but again, this is all about power.According to the Congressional Office of Compliance, between 19, hundreds of women have been paid .2 million in total in awards and settlements for Capitol Hill workplace violations. And Scott Bolden, former chairman of the Democratic Party in Washington, D. JENNY BETH MARTIN, PRESIDENT, TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: It was part of the Congressional Accountability Act, which -- at the time, they were trying to make congressmen live under the law.