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Together with my younger sister Jenny, who went on to become a famous fashion designer, I was raised in Southampton by my dad Colin, who ran a marine engineering business, and my mum Rita, a legal secretary, who died three years ago.As soon as I could crawl, I was in the garden picking up worms, tadpoles and ladybirds.From then on, Megs, or Mini-Beast as I affectionately called her (today it’s ‘Beast’ in a nod to her age), just became a part of my life, especially when, a few months later, she and her mother moved in permanently.Two years later, we put down more solid roots when I bought a larger house for us near Netley Abbey in Hampshire with a garden — where I could have birdboxes and show Megan how nature changed over the seasons.

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Seeing nature through her eyes refreshed my own love of its most simple things — such as placing a tadpole on the palm of her hand or watching a wasp lick jam off the end of her nose. I wasn’t trying to be Megan’s father — she had one already and saw him regularly.

Frieda says she "built" the home with Chris roughly 12 years ago -- but since then, their relationship has deteriorated and he's been trying to evict her. To combat the eviction, Frieda says she's had to hire lawyers -- and has been forced to rent out the home to various tenants to cover the pricey legal bills. Frieda says the person who brought trouble to the home is a former short-term tenant -- and she had NOTHING to do with his alleged illegal activity.

FYI, cops believe crack cocaine and heroin were being trafficked out of the home.

That all changed in 1996 when I met Jo, a friend of a friend. I liked her immediately, but at 35 I was still enjoying my freedom.

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I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend and certainly not one with a child.A five-year-old Megs is helping me reconstruct a kudu (a type of antelope) skeleton, carefully laying the vertebrae out in order on the sand as rhinos grazed alongside us.