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02-Nov-2017 20:16

We’re still waiting to see what happens with their relationship.For the time being, it definitely seems as though Brett’s dating Antonio — he is returning in the winter premiere and it still looks as though he’s guest-starring here.It was one of the single greatest moments of my life. season 6 episode 8 on NBC this seems to be a question on the minds of several characters — especially Otis and Cruz.Be sure to head over here, given that is where you can view a number of other topics related to the show’s winter premiere on January 4!Jojo Fletcher will address the fact that 27-years-old Robby Hayes from Jacksonville, Florida left a girlfriend to do the show. Hope is a 24-year-old realtor for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and she and Robby were in a very serious relationship until he dumped her in January of 2016 (Hmmm same time that Grant Kemp dumped his girlfriend–coincidentally the same time that producers call).Eventually we "went out"...we've been together ever since. She sent me a picture of what kind of ring she'd like a LONG time ago..I kept it.

Here, you’re going to get a chance to see them do some investigating — which is probably one of those things that they think they’re really good at when, in reality, they leave something to be desired.

Jon Seda, Randy Flagler and Anthony Ferraris guest star.